Experience Space Through Art

Commissioned by You,

Sculpted by Space

Renowned artists will push the limits of evolutionary artwork by launching a mural into space on the exterior of the Blue Origin spacecraft, New Shepard.


The artwork will transform throughout the rocket's journey, and a new masterpiece will emerge as the canvas thrusts past our atmosphere and into space.


Internationally renowned artists are working closely with Blue Origin's team of engineers to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship for the artwork. The mural will be painted on the New Shepard capsule before the flight.

Athena's Chariot is a collaboration between the world's finest craftsmen, engineers, and material experts to deliver the most ambitious art piece in your art collection. The artwork will be painted onto the New Shepard's three parachute covers on the capsule's nose cone.

Jeff Hein

Internationally Recognized Realism Artist

A "living Master"

-The Art Renewal Center

Hein's work has been shown in prestigious locations, such as the SMOA and Salmagundi Club in New York City, and has numerous magazine and newspaper write-ups, including American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Arts and Antiques and Jetset Magazine. His work has also appeared on the covers of American Art Collector and the Art Calendar.


Hein strongly values handmade work. He feels that art can tell a story about the life of its creator and his subjects, especially if that artist’s process involves a genuine and intimate relationship with his subject matter.  He only works from life or imagination in his paintings and sees each painting as a personal record of his experience with his subject, whether that be a person, animal, landscape, or imagination. To him, a painting or sculpture should be more than just a beautiful object and should carry a portion of the artist’s and subjects’ history by embodying the events that led to its creation. Learn More 

Mark Pugh

Internationally recognized figurative and surrealism Master

Pugh's work will be on display at both the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain and Sotheby's in New York City during 2020. His work has been featured in respected publications, such as The Artist's Magazine, Southwestern Art, and International Artist. His list of awards includes 1st place in The Artist's Magazine's all media competition, 3rd place in the portraiture category of the Art Renewal Center's salon, and Exceptional Merit in the prestigious International Portrait Competition.


Pugh's work focuses on figurative work and portraits, using elements of surrealism to tell stories and express ideas. He feels that a successful piece of art must achieve a balance between a strong narrative, technical mastery, and aesthetic harmony.  He believes that skill and creativity elevates a work to professional excellence, but just as importantly, art should move the soul of the viewer. If he is not moved while creating the artwork, he can hardly expect that of the viewer. Learn More

Commission Artwork

Contact Uplift Aerospace at josh.hanes@upliftaerospace.com or 346-291-0945 to commission a project and learn more about our commission process.

The project will be the first time that artwork of this kind has flown as part of a rocket to space and back. As such, the project will be one of the most ambitious artistic works ever accomplished.  The mural will be composed of the three exterior parachute cover panels. The subject of the artwork will be guided by the client, with the final approval for the artistic them made by Blue Origin. 


Josh Hanes is the Founder and CEO of Uplift Aerospace. He works with launch providers worldwide to provide the most exclusive products and brands on the market.  Josh is a passionate philanthropist and works closely with organizations like Reef Life Foundation, whose mission is to restore 1 million square feet of coral reef by 2025.  Josh is working closely with the project's Master craftsmen and Blue Origin to provide patrons an awe-inspiring artistic experience.

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