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Constellation Vault


Uplift has designed the premiere multiplanetary marketplace. The vault will initially serve as an exhibition platform for Earth’s most prized jewelry and artwork. The Constellation Vault™ will be history’s first vault on the International Space Station, deploying in 2022 and expanding to additional space stations through the 2020 decade. The vault will initially serve as an exhibition platform for Earth’s most precious jewelry, artwork, and soft goods, with a selection of pieces sold to the public and other objects curated as space artifacts in public museums. Greater access to these incredible items will be facilitated by an NFT membership-based community.

 The vault will contain one-of-a-kind objects from Earth envisioned especially for the inimitable properties of space, as well as providing a marketing platform for the most rare and collected items from our world. Items planned for sale include rare coins, investment quality stones, fine jewelry from exclusive designers, one-of-a-kind art pieces from iconic creators, and exceptional soft goods exclusively designed for space travelers, astronauts, and private collectors.

These collectibles will be made available to purchasers, who can also opt for the digital NFT video to display their items once they make their journey back to Earth. Other planned collectibles include one-of-a-kind memorabilia, featured mission jewelry, and comforts for space, which can only be enjoyed by those who will make the journey to space and back.

The Constellation Vault will offer patrons the exclusive opportunity to acquire highly coveted items for private sale and auction in space, delivered upon return to Earth. Uplift’s new platform will later be scaled to provide goods for in-space markets. The companies, artists, and others collaborating with the Constellation Vault will be announced on an ongoing basis beginning in 2022.
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