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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

PARK CITY, UTAH, April 6, 2021 - Uplift Aerospace announced the sale of Not Flat, their first NFT in April of 2021. Not Flat was recorded on Uplift’s first suborbital flight to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere. It sold for approximately 21 ETH.

Still image from a video taken by Uplift Aerospace during a suborbital near space flight. The videos utilized a series of four GoPro cameras to capture the videos of Earth which were then converted to the NFT Not Flat and sold by Uplift Aerospace.

Josh Hanes, Uplift Aerospace CEO, said, “This sale is the first step towards establishing a powerful digital currency that will power Uplift Aerospace’s path towards the Constellation Vault, the Moon, and beyond.”

Uplift Aerospace announced its intentions to accept both Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment options as it moves toward establishing the “Constellation Vault,” the first multimedia shopping experience in space. This revolutionary shopping experience will allow consumers the ability to purchase ultra-rare objects and iconic design items that draw on the inspiration of space.

Cryptocurrency is a perfect fit for a company looking to establish extraplanetary commerce, and Uplift Aerospace is currently reviewing organizational plans to obtain or partner with a cryptocurrency specifically tailored to serve in space industries. This innovative platform will be built with an eye toward interfacing and powering a multi-planetary economy.

Mr. Hanes continued by announcing its intentions to harness the powerful advantages of developing a currency platform, “This is just the beginning. As Uplift works towards establishing its presence on the moon, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will continue to play an ever-increasing role in our business.”

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