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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

PARK CITY, UTAH, June 24, 2021: In an effort to further its mission of preserving the planet beneath our feet as we look to the stars, Uplift Aerospace (Uplift) has created Uplift for Good to support organizations whose actions provide a net positive impact on Earth and humanity.

Video 1. Project sponsored in part by Uplift for Good in 2020 to remove debris and trash swept into Mermaid Coral Reef after hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

Uplift will fund Uplift for Good with a portion of the proceeds from its creative projects. These projects consist of commissioning artists to create unique and rare objects inspired by and created for space travel, presenting visionary artists with access to new technologies and the opportunity to explore the limits of art. In addition, these projects aim to inspire and open a dialogue by making space accessible and connected to human voices and ideas.

Uplift will launch its Suborbital Triptych mission in the fall of 2021, which will be the first in a series of commissioned artworks painted on three removable composite panels of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket. A dedicated portion of the artworks' commission will be used as a charitable contribution to conservation organizations supported by Uplift for Good. By traveling through space and returning to Earth, this momentous project marks a new phase of space exploration with artistry as the engine of discovery and the recordkeeper of what lies beyond the bounds of our planet.

Video 2. Suborbital Triptych announcement video

In addition to the Suborbital Triptych mission and as another effort to ensure the conservation of Earth, Uplift is developing a multiplanetary marketplace to revolutionize humanity's connection with space. This first marketplace in space, the Constellation Vault™, is a new platform for exhibition in low Earth orbit (LEO). Uplift will commission artisans to create unique objects designed purposefully for space. These rare objects will be packaged in exquisitely designed capsules and transported to LEO for presentation in a docuseries profiling the creators, their process, and the resulting artworks.

Representing the vanguard of creativity and innovation, these artists and artisans will form Uplift’s exclusive Constellation Circle. As part of the commission for the artwork, Uplift will include a charitable donation to a charity supported by each artist.

In a previous project in 2020, Uplift for Good helped mobilize restoration efforts of Mermaid Reef in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian. This project was in collaboration with Eco Blue Projects, Reef Life Foundation, Friends of the Environment Abaco, and SeaLegacy. (See included videos for additional project information.)

Video 3. Project sponsored in part by Uplift for Good in 2020 to restore Mermaid Coral Reef after hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

Uplift Aerospace CEO Josh Hanes is the heart and science behind Uplift for Good, in collaboration with curatorial platform Magnet Art Group and the Constellation Circle visionaries. These groundbreaking projects—the Suborbital Triptych, Constellation Vault, and Constellation Circle—promote and expand the mission of Uplift for Good: to address humanitarian and conservation issues through the lens of artistic practice and materiality.

About Uplift Aerospace

Uplift Aerospace is an aerospace company pioneering advanced technologies for a multiplanetary economy to revolutionize humanity's connection with space and promote the conservation of Earth. Our products symbolize humanity’s boundless capability and commitment to exploration. Uplift is working towards manufacturing and delivering products from space to ensure a sustainable future on Earth. To find out more and get the latest updates, visit or follow @upliftaerospace on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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