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Uplift Aerospace Launches Three-Tiered Membership Platform for the Space+ Community Space Program

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

[Park City, Utah] March 24, 2023 – NRP Stone, Inc. (OTC PINK:NRPI)

Space+ members flying in Zero-G with retired NASA astronaut José Hernández. Photo Credit: Zero-G.

Uplift Aerospace is honoured to announce the launch of a new three-tiered membership system for the Space+ community space program that will provide greater access to all individuals interested in space. The new memberships will be available for purchase using all payment methods, including credit card, PayPal, and other payment options, whereas previously, they could only be purchased on the blockchain.

This new membership system reflects Uplift’s commitment to creating a more accessible space program and making it easier for anyone to join the growing Space+ community. With this new system, individuals can select the membership tier that best suits their needs and interests, and gain access to an array of benefits that will help them to connect with others in the space industry, learn about space, and support Space+'s mission.

One of the most significant updates of the new tiered membership system is the launch of an exclusive member web portal, which will include community access to a growing list of benefits. These benefits include member-only monthly workshops with leading aerospace professionals, discounts on space products and astronaut training experiences (e.g. Zero-G flights, spacesuit and spacecraft training, Jump VR, Spacekind training, etc.), digital and real-life community space events, unparalleled access to long-term aerospace projects from low-Earth orbit to the Moon, and exclusive aerospace content for professional development.

"Our digital memberships are a unique way to join the aerospace community and own a piece of our program's history. Instead of a traditional membership card or certificate, we offer an unlimited digital membership stored on a secure digital ledger called blockchain. This means that your membership is transparently recorded and can be easily transferred to another person if you choose to sell it or give it away," said Josh Hanes, CEO of Uplift Aerospace. "Think of it like a virtual token of ownership that represents your access to our community."

Space+5 commercial astronaut class performing spacesuit training at the Biosphere2.

By purchasing a digital membership through Space+'s website using a credit card, PayPal, or other payment method, members will automatically be assigned a unique digital asset in the form of a token that represents their membership. This token will be held in the Space+ community vault on the blockchain, ensuring its security and transparency. If members ever decide to transfer their membership to another digital wallet, they can contact Space+, and have the asset transferred to a digital wallet of their choice.

"We're thrilled to offer a new way for people to join our community and support our mission to build an innovative community of space enthusiasts, professionals, and future astronauts," said Hanes. "We believe that space exploration is vital for humanity’s future, and we want to make it more accessible to everyone. With our new membership system, we're one step closer to achieving that goal."

For more information about Space+'s new membership system and to purchase a membership, please visit:

Example of a Space+ member perk is access to exclusive artist artwork as shown below:


Uplift Aerospace, Inc., a subsidiary of NRP Stone (Symbol: NRPI), offers manufacturing & logistic services for brands & creators to build innovative products in space. Our integrated services include in-space manufacturing, university research partnerships, and spaceflight mission operations. Over the past two years, Uplift Aerospace has secured agreements with NASA, Blue Origin, Orbital Reef Space Station, University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin, and the University of Central Florida.

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