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Uplift Aerospace Sending Artwork to Space by Top 3D Artist Chad Knight

[Park City, Utah] April 18, 2023 – NRP Stone, Inc. (OTC PINK:NRPI)

Uplift Aerospace is thrilled to announce that they will be making history with renowned 3D artist and Head of Design at Wilder World, Chad Knight by sending his artwork to space. Uplift Aerospace, a company offering manufacturing and logistics services for brands and creators to build innovative products in space, will be present for the launch of a suborbital rocket from Mojave, CA with Evolution Space on April 22, 2023 along with community members from their new citizen astronaut membership program, Space+.

Evolution Space will be launching Chad Knight's Intergalactic Genesis sculptures to space aboard the Gold Chain Cowboy rocket
Evolution Space Rocket Launch

The launch of Knight's artwork to space will take place on April 22, 2023, during the Gold Chain Cowboy mission by Evolution Space. The California-based solid propulsion and launch provider has scheduled this as their first-ever space mission. The Gold Chain Cowboy rocket, which is 10 inches in diameter and 22 feet tall, weighs 911 pounds and will fly to roughly 104 km - which is 4km past the Kármán line, the internationally recognized boundary of space - at just over 5 times the speed of sound. The vehicle will fly from a private test range near the company facilities in the Mojave Desert. This launch is expected to be a significant milestone for Evolution Space and Uplift Aerospace, which will pave the way for future space exploration and innovative projects.

Sterling Silver 3-D Sculptures designed by Chad Knight that will be sent to space on April 22, 2023 with Evolution Space.
Chad Knight Sterling Silver Sculptures

The payload contains two 3D printed silver figurines by Chad Knight, curated by art collector CL7, marking the first time Knight’s artwork will leave Earth’s atmosphere. Additionally, Knight will create associated digital artwork supporting Space+'s mission to make space more accessible through digital infrastructure.

The accompanying digital collection, "Intergalactic Genesis," showcases celestial figures Venus and Mars on a cosmic journey. These digital replicas of the physical sculptures aboard the Gold Chain Cowboy rocket include three limited edition digital masterpieces embodying humanity's aspirations for the stars: Venus reflecting strength and grace, Mars symbolizing courage and determination, and the 1-of-1 masterpiece, “Intergalactic Genesis,” uniting the couple as they reach for the heavens.

Venus, Mars, and Intergalactic Genesis in Chad Knight's digital collection will commemorate the physical sculptures launch to space.
Intergalactic Genesis

The Intergalactic Genesis collection by Chad Knight featuring the uniting of Mars and Venus as they reach for the heavens.

Knight is a 3D artist, designer and futurist. He is currently the Head of Design for Wilder World: an innovative and popular metaverse. Knight was formerly the Head of 3D Design at Nike and is also a retired professional skateboarder (1998-2011). As an independent artist, he now designs unique digital artwork in Cinema 4D. Knight’s work is enjoyed by people around the world, and has been described as moving between the meditative and the frenetic, seeming to exist in fantastical worlds. In 2002, Knight was voted one of the top 100 influential persons within the NFT market by NFT Now. His work has been featured in Elle Decor, Vogue Italia, Vice, Bored Panda, Snopes, and HypeBeast.

This launch is a significant milestone for Uplift Aerospace and Space+ as they continue to make space more accessible to everyone. The event is expected to attract worldwide attention and is an unparalleled opportunity for Chad Knight to showcase his artwork to a global audience.

"I have always been fascinated by the concept of human potential, including our physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. As we venture into an incredible new world filled with seemingly endless lights in the night sky, I am even more intrigued by what we are capable of achieving,” said Knight. “These statues symbolize humanity's long-standing desire to explore space and our ability to actually do so, despite our apparent insignificance in relation to the vastness of space. The two figures represent the celebration of our achievements in space exploration and our willingness to take on new challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem."

The transcendent collection is now live on Nifty Gateway in a ranked auction. Bidding opens tomorrow, April 19th, 2023, at 12:12 PM EDT and will close on April 23rd, 2023, at 11:11 PM EDT. In the spirit of cosmic unity, any bids placed in the last 5 minutes will extend the timer by an additional 5 minutes.

The highest bidder, calculated by combining winning bids for Venus & Mars, will receive the coveted 1-of-1 Intergalactic Genesis digital artwork and the exclusive mission-flown sterling silver figurines. Any collectors with winning bids for both Venus and Mars digital artworks will be gifted a physical print of the Intergalactic Genesis, personally signed by Chad Knight, immortalizing this cosmic voyage in art.

For more information about Space+'s new membership system and to purchase a membership, please visit: Further information about Chad Knight’s work can be found at:


Uplift Aerospace, Inc., a subsidiary of NRP Stone (Symbol: NRPI), offers manufacturing & logistic services for brands & creators to build innovative products in space. Our integrated services include in-space manufacturing, university research partnerships, and spaceflight mission operations.

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