30"36" oil on canvas (original). 

(This painting on canvas comes framed and mounted. Each art piece includes an accompanying Space Flight Certificate and thank you letter from the specified nonprofit for your support and dedication to uplifting the world for good.)


This emotional artwork depicts O.U.R. founder Tim Ballard with his adopted daughter whom he rescued while on a mission in Haiti.


The “Family” painting was donated by John Pennington who is one of the original backers of O.U.R. John purchased the artwork at an O.U.R. gala. John is the co-founder of Bridge Loan Capital Fund, LP, which now manages over 20 Bn in private equity funds.


Once purchased,  Uplift Aerospace will contact the buyer to confirm the purchase and select a launch date for the artwork. After the launch, the artwork will be delivered directly to the buyer. 


Due to the nature of space launches, Uplift Aerospace reserves the right to reschedule launch dates. However, if the artwork has not been delivered to the buyer within 9 months of purchase, the buyer may request a full refund for the purchase.

"Family" Supports O.U.R.