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Space+ Mint Details

Step-by-Step Website Instructions

1. Navigate to and click “Mint Now”. If you are using a mobile device, you will need to use your wallets browser to navigate to

2. This will take you to the Launch Pass mint page. Click “Connect Wallet”.


3. You will receive a prompt for connecting the wallet you registered with on the allowlist.

image (1).png

4. Once connected, you will be notified as to whether the wallet you have connected is eligible to mint in the active minting period (allowlist, waitlist, or public).

image (2).png

5. If you are not eligible to mint in the active minting period, your screen will display the following notice.

image (3).png

6. If you are eligible to mint in the active minting period, your screen will move on to the minting process below.

image (4).png

7. Select whether you would like to mint 1 or 2 Space+ NFT Launch Passes and click “MINT”.

image (5).png

8. Gas fees will be estimated and displayed in your connected wallet.

image (6).png

9. Confirm the total price of your NFT purchase, including current gas fees.

image (7).png

10. The website will then process your purchase.

image (8).png

11. Congratulations! Your mint was successful and your Space+ NFT Launch Pass should be shortly delivered to your connected wallet.

image (9).png

12. Once you have minted your total allocated NFTs, the screen will indicate that you are minted out. If the mint enters a public sale, your allocation will increase from 2 to 5 Launch Passes.

image 2.png

13. In between active minting periods, the following screen will be displayed. For example, between the allowlist sale and waitlist sale, the mint will be paused.

image (3) 2.png

14. Once the collection is sold out, the portal will be closed and display the following notice.

image (2) 2.png
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