Uplift for Good

Raise Awareness for Nonprofits and Their Projects

Why "Uplift for Good"?

Uplift for Good sends artwork on an epic journey to space and creates an extraordinary story to raise awareness for nonprofits. By purchasing space traveled art, buyers support nonprofits and gain a remarkable art piece

How "Uplift for Good" Works?

Uplift for Good utilizes artwork payload launches to raise awareness for the sponsored nonprofits and donates a portion of the sale to the specified charity.

IYORBank_CoralReefs_Jett Britnell_01.jpg

Project Reef Life

Uplift for good is working with artists to launch artwork to space to raise awareness for the Reef Life Foundation and its mission to rebuild 1 million square feet of coral reefs by 2025.


Reef Life Foundation has funded the research, design, and construction of marine restoration structures that mimic the complex, mineral composition of natural ecosystems. We deploy IntelliReefs to communities that rely on thriving ocean ecosystems for food, economic security, and coastal protection.

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Project OUR

Uplift for Good is working with artists to launch artwork to space to raise awareness for Operation Underground Railroad, which exists to rescue children from sex trafficking.

"In the past six years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 3,300 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,900 traffickers around the world. The partners we are empowering have collectively helped rescue the lives of more than 10,000 survivors who were enslaved, exploited, or at risk."

Learn More About the Nonprofits Uplift for Good Supports

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