Uplift for Good

Preserving the Earth below our Feet as we Look to the Stars

Why "Uplift for Good"?

Uplift Aerospace is funding Uplift for Good with a portion of the proceeds from its creative projects. These projects consist of supporting global nonprofits and conservation groups to promote the conservation of Earth. 

Uplift for Good Impact

In a previous project in 2020, Uplift for Good helped mobilize restoration efforts of Mermaid Reef in the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian. This project was in collaboration with Eco Blue Projects, Reef Life Foundation, Friends of the Environment Abaco, and SeaLegacy. (See videos for additional project information.) 

IYORBank_CoralReefs_Jett Britnell_01.jpg

Project Reef Life

Uplift for good is working with artists to launch artwork to space to raise awareness for the Reef Life Foundation and its mission to rebuild 1 million square feet of coral reefs by 2025.


Reef Life Foundation has funded the research, design, and construction of marine restoration structures that mimic the complex, mineral composition of natural ecosystems. We deploy IntelliReefs to communities that rely on thriving ocean ecosystems for food, economic security, and coastal protection.

Learn More About the Nonprofits Uplift for Good Supports