Uplift is pioneering advanced technologies for a multiplanetary economy that will revolutionize humanity's connection with space and ensure the conservation of Earth.


Philosophy and Vision

Philosophy: Unrelenting commitment to quality


Vision: Multiplanetary economy

Brand Values: Quality, craftsmanship, design, attention to detail, uniqueness, and authenticity


Company Values: Deliberately ensure our actions provide a net positive impact on the Earth


Josh Hanes, CEO

Hanes has managed multimulion dollar private equity funds and led teams of over 30 individuals to complete projects within budget and schedule. In 2015, Hanes started a private equity fund focused on real estate investing that returned a 12% ROI on average.  In 2016, Hanes worked with Dr. Steve Howe on an NIAC NASA proposal for advanced ion propulsion systems and developed the mission trajectory plans from LEO to Titan. Recently, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for Reef Life Foundation where he successfully executed large-scale reef restoration projects in the Bahamas and Sint Maarten. In 2019, Hanes became the CEO of Uplift and is working with launch providers worldwide to pioneer remarkable experiences and products.


Eric Willeitner, Director of Engineering

As the lead of a test systems group, Willeitner has experience organizing and collaborating between multi-disciplined engineering groups for large scale system designs and integration. He designed and managed component projects within budget and schedule for Military, Commercial Aerospace, and Space systems. His hardware manufacturing experience has supported tooling designers to create tools for manufacturing of hydraulic components for improved performance at reduced costs. Willeitner has also increased project success rates by implementing key product design steps during technical design reviews.


Jeffrey Johnson, Director of Operations

Jeffrey is an award-winning, dedicated, multilingual, and certified Management Executive respected through his many years developing and implementing key policies, procedures, and programs to support core business objectives within the government and private sectors. He is a motivational leader experienced in building high-performing, cross-functional teams with multimillion dollar budgets while adapting to new markets. He is an out-of-the-box thinker committed to driving continuous improvements to enable growth. Jeffrey has been recognized for his dedication to detail and programs and operations management experience by various international organizations, local groups, and government entities.