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Uplift offers manufacturing & logistic services for brands & creators to build innovative products in space. Uplift has agreements and letters of intent with NASA, Smithsonian, University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin, University of Central Florida, Blue Origin, and the Orbital Reef Space Station. 

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We recently trained our first commercial astronaut class, and have contracted to send our first astronaut on an upcoming Blue Origin mission.

Josh Hanes
President & CEO

CEO Josh Hanes is an accomplished executive with a professional background overseeing multimillion-dollar equity funds and successful real estate investment projects. His managerial experience includes time spent as the COO of the Reef Life Foundation where he oversaw large-scale reef restoration projects in the Caribbean. Hanes began his career with an emphasis on the technical side of the space industry. Soon after receiving a BS in Physics at the University of Utah, Hanes joined a team working with Dr. Steve Howe to develop a proposal for an advanced ion propulsion system. Hanes’ managerial abilities including budget management, maintenance of a robust company schedule, and ability to raise outside capital synergize with his intimate knowledge of the space industry to position Uplift Aerospace at the forefront of this exciting and growing industry.

Meet The Team


Eric Willeitner
Secretary & Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering Eric Willeitner is an accomplished mechanical engineer with experience developing components for military, space, and commercial aerospace. He excels in coordinating and collaborating with multi-disciplined engineering groups to meet shared goals. Willeitner received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University in 2014. Upon graduating, he began working as a Fluid Control Design Engineer for RAM company. He was promoted to the Engineering Lead of Test Systems and Tooling where he increased project success rates by coordinating product testing and manufacturing development. Willeitner brings his deep engineering understanding to Uplift Aerospace. As the company moves forward with its plans for the Constellation Vault, the Suborbital Triptych, and the Moon Cast, Willeitner’s engineering skills will assist Uplift in understanding and designing solutions to meet the challenges ahead.    

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Jeffrey Johnson
Treasurer & Director of Operations

Director of Operations Jeffrey Johnson is an accomplished business executive who’s spent more than fifteen years overseeing successful business operations. His skillset includes government relations, contract negotiations, and budget analysis. Johnson graduated with honors from The University of Utah’s Masters of Public Administration program with an emphasis on governmental and organizational management. He has gone on to work for governmental agencies where he’s been responsible for contract negotiation, budget tracking, and contractor performance oversight. At Uplift Aerospace, Johnson is bringing these organizational skills to negotiate and coordinate with government agencies like NASA as well as private corporations like Blue Origin. His experience with large agencies will allow Uplift to continue growing into a premier technology company while forging deep business ties.


Emily Higgins
Director of Communications & Space+

Emily Higgins is the Director of Communications and Special Projects for Uplift Aerospace, and is currently heading up the community launch for Uplift's new Space+ NFT Project. With a Masters degree in Visual Communications, Higgins specializes specifically in community building through impactful visual media (film, photography, graphics), combining art and information to create deeper connections with environments that are difficult for members to visit. Higgins's background in community engagement is an important aspect of Space+ NFT Project's mission to democratize and diversify access to space, while providing real life access to low Earth orbit, the Moon, and beyond.
Heather Van Duker
Director of Astronaut Engagement

Heather Van Duker has over a decade of experience in statistical analytics and marketing science. She worked as a Director with leading marketing science firms that helped to shape brands through disciplined strategic thinking, acting as a driving force to extract hidden insights from the data and carry out further research. Heather is currently working with Uplift Aerospace’s Space+ project to build an astronaut engagement program with the goal of bridging the gap between the aerospace industry and private citizens, creating commercially and emotionally rewarding relationships across sectors.

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Ana Roberta Flores

As a marketer, Ana Roberta positions herself at the crossroads of business and creativity. She views marketing as the catalyst to how consumers experience the passion and values that drive a business. As Ana Roberta completes her Master of Science in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, she has learned the importance of applying various marketing techniques to modern business strategies. Recently she acquired her Bachelor of Science in Art and Entertainment Technology from the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout her undergraduate experience, she secured and completed four internships, excelled in creative coursework, and participated in creative and business student organizations.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Dayne Gyll.jpg

Dayne Gyll
Lab Technician

Dayne Gyll is a senior-level student pursuing a BS in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Utah. He is currently contributing to Uplift Aerospace in a lab technician role by utilizing engineering principles to aid in the development of high-quality, precise, and complex lunar concrete systems in order to increase momentum toward the vision of Uplift Aerospace. He is proficient in a variety of materials characterization techniques and instruments, as well as materials processing methods. Dayne is also currently conducting research for a senior thesis directed at synthesizing and analyzing polymers constructed with biological-based backbones and crosslinkers for fully biodegradable superabsorbent polymer structures.  

Grant Touchette
Space+ Intern

Grant Touchette is a full-time student, Web 3.0 enthusiast, and space movie junkie. He's an incoming freshman at the University of Michigan studying Aerospace Engineering. Overly excited to uncover the exciting intersection between Web 3.0 and the space industry, Grant is looking on the future of Space commerce as a communal, unifying, and decentralized enterprise that holds the key to unquantifiable prosperity. Not to mention, he is a quick learner who enjoys questioning accepted ideas and concepts to creatively solve complex problems.


Learn about our contract with NASA - LINK
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Caroline Geraghty
Advisor: Web3 Community Engagement

Caroline B. Geraghty is the Space+ NFT Project's NFT Community Engagement Advisor. A first generation Filipino-American immigrant and working mom, she is bullish on blockchain technology as the solution to The Great Resignation by providing equity to those most impacted - women/mothers of color. She has applied her skills from a 15-year career as a pediatrics nurse to a variety of exciting collaborations, including The First White House Event on Clubhouse with Xtina Holder (Womxn in Business), Laurie Segall (Dot Dot Dot Media), OP3N (EST Media Holdings, Inc's Web3 division), and advisor roles for a variety of Web3 projects (CryptoVenus NFT, cool crypto kids, Gratitude NFT, CATBOTICA)


David T3198.jpeg

David Tate
Advisor: Web3 Community 

David Tate is a former commercial actor and Indie producer who is now a Web3 enthusiast and advisor on Space+ NFT. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in Acting and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Why did he do this to himself, you ask? Even his brain is still trying to figure that one out! 
David has a passion for cultivating relationships, building communities, and fostering goodwill. He believes Web3 will be the future for solving complex societal issues.


Monkey Fund
NFT Advisory Group  

Monkey Fund is a Web3 focused digital art collective that launched into the metaverse in February 2021. In addition to accumulating rare digital art and collectibles, Monkey Fund invests in and advises NFT projects and all Web3 related verticals from early stage ideas to fully developed later-stage networks. Monkey Fund's ultra high net worth monkeys are long-term, patient investors, with large metaverse and IRL networks, granting MF access to lightning quick capital, world class consulting, and top tier global strategists, all of which are leveraged to ensure the success of MF's investments.


"When the opportunity to advise and contribute to the success of the Space+ project arose we knew we were going to be a part of it," said Dr. Springles, Monkey Fund's Chief NFT Officer. “Literally going to the Moon and sending art to the International Space Station is just a small example of the power of Web3."


Mathew McArthur
Advisor: NFT Development

Matt McArthur is a seasoned software engineer and entrepreneur. Lately he has been focusing on Web3, NFT investments and smart contract development. He has strong technical background across many fields including iOS, Android, embedded devices, bluetooth communication, physics, and full stack web development. He is a builder who enjoys the craft of software development and helping businesses grow and succeed.  

Jill for Uplift.png

Magnet Empyrean, Jill Clark
Advisor: Curatorial & Project Development 

Jill brings her unique vision, and expertise to Uplift’s cultural and philanthropic endeavors. With more than 30 years of experience producing International art projects, Jill's clients value her passionate approach to collection-building and knowledge of the art market. She has an intrinsic capacity to assemble diverse talents creating dramatic and inspiring exhibitions. As the founder and principal of Magnet Art Group– a multifaceted boutique firm whose ventures have included brick-and-mortar galleries in New York’s SoHo and Tribeca art districts, as well as advisory offices in Miami and Berlin – Jill now manages private and institutional collections, in addition to facilitating charitable auctions, coordinating exhibition lending, and special events coinciding with major international art fairs. She has served on the host and VIP committees of Miami Art Week, Frieze New York, Zona Maco, Art Berlin, and the Venice Biennale.


Alfred Lamoureux
Advisor: Branding and Creative Direction

Creative director, design explorer and agent of tranquility, Alfred Lamoureux believes in turning ideas into reality.  His diverse merger of talents leverages his strategic vision, business acumen, and artistic talent to deliver high-impact branding campaigns, design invention and experience. This cross-platform functionality to his concepts have captured audiences around the globe and provides insight into the next big idea. For Uplift Aerospace, Alfred is inventing a dialect of brand design and inspiration, blending earthly intent with out-of-this-world philanthropy. 


Our charitable initiative, Uplift for Good, has a range of projects dedicated to protecting the Earth while opening access and diversity in space.

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