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Pioneering the Technology and Infrastructure for a Multiplanetary Economy

PARK CITY, UTAH, May 11, 2021: Uplift Aerospace, a company specializing in the development of a multiplanetary economy, is receiving a South Pole lunar regolith simulant (SP-1) from the University of Central Florida. SP-1 will allow Uplift Aerospace, and its other University partners, to better characterize South Pole lunar regolith to optimize a formulation for a durable lunar concrete. The Exolith Lab, founded by Dr. Daniel Britt, is a nonprofit extension of CLASS dedicated to the production and applied research of regolith simulation. Dr. Daniel Britt is a professor of Astronomy and planetary sciences at the department of physics, University of Central Florida. As founder of Exholith Lab, he has maintained the Planetary Simulant Database “as a resource for the community, with information on historic and current planetary simulants.”

Testing Luna-crete (TM) prototypes for compressive strength.

By pioneering the development and application of our lunar concrete, called Luna-crete (Trademark), Uplift will be able to utilize lunar regolith for building materials to reduce the cost of construction on the Moon. Currently, Uplift has received LHS-1 from Exolith Lab, which Uplift used to develop and test its first Luna-crete prototypes. More data from Uplift and our University partners will be published in 2021 and 2022 as we optimize these formulations.

The Luna-crete prototypes were developed utilizing

LHS-1 lunar regolith provided by Exolith Labs.

Lunar concrete can facilitate the construction of landing pads, habitats, and storage structures on the Moon. These efforts can positively impact the conservation of Earth’s precious materials for a more sustainable future by also having applicability for eco-friendly concrete applications on Earth.

Luna-crete is our long-term initiative that aligns with our work in developing a multiplanetary economy by enabling product development and manufacturing in space. To learn more about our work to develop a multiplanetary economy follow us on social media using @upliftaerospace.

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