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Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Media Advisory: Available for Immediate Release

PARK CITY, UTAH, July 13, 2021, NRP Stone, Inc (OTC: NRPI): Uplift Aerospace’s Initial Test Results of Lunar South Pole Concrete

In May 2021, Uplift Aerospace, Inc. commissioned the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee(UWM), under the direction of Dr. Sobolev to characterize lunar regolith (Moon dirt) on the Moon’s south pole to quantify its chemical and physical properties. Dr. Sobolev has been known for his work with specialty concretes since the 1980s. This analysis is to be used for formulations of Uplift’s proprietary product, Luna-CreteTM, a next-generation solution for infrastructure and building materials to be mined and processed on the Moon.

Experiments with lunar concretes were originally conducted as early as the 1980s, but for the most part, nothing advanced as interest in moon landings evaporated with government funding. However, in the last several years, private industry and government have revived the dream of space travel and space colonization with objectives of commercial space travel and destinations, including the Moon and Mars. As a result, the Moon has become a focal point of interest with NASA and private industry as a logical refueling station prior to extended space travel.

NASA’s Artemis mission has carefully planned to re-engage the Moon with many expecting lunar outposts to be in the foreseeable future if building materials can be proven. Initial experiments on the Moon for commercialization are expected to be as early as the next two years. As a result, Uplift has positioned itself to be on the cutting edge of this new frontier and a whole new economy to be enjoyed in space and on Earth for Earth’s inhabitants. Providing viable and durable lunar building materials is a keystone to establishing a lunar presence, thus enters Uplift Aerospace technology.

“Characterizing the lunar regolith was the first step in scientifically creating the right formula for Uplift’s Luna-CreteTM”, said Josh Hanes, CEO of Uplift Aerospace. “Optimizing the right formulation to withstand the wide range of temperatures found on the Moon, as well as its low gravity and vacuum-like conditions has been a huge challenge to overcome. However, we are happy to officially announce history’s first south pole specific lunar concrete with results surpassing target durability ranges by as much as 2x”.

Image 1. Luna-crete core made from the simulated aggregate from the Moon’s south pole. The image shows compression testing in the lab. The PSI will be released over the coming weeks.

The Moon’s south pole is a key landing location for international space programs and NASA’s upcoming Artemis missions. What makes Uplift’s formulation different than past endeavors is the prototyping of a concrete for the Moon’s south pole, targeting specific materials found in possible landing sites of upcoming missions. This successful development of regolith-based concrete for the lunar south pole has far-reaching implications for development of the Moon and off-world manufacturing.

The south pole specific lunar concrete was developed utilizing a simulated lunar regolith created at the University of Central Florida’s Exolith Labs. The simulated south pole lunar regolith, developed for Uplift’s project, approximates the Moon’s south pole mineral composition to allow Uplift to test and prototype a concrete to closely match the landing areas for upcoming government and private missions.

With these encouraging results, Uplift announced its intention to continue developing a system capable of collecting, filtering, and casting durable concrete structures on the Moon, with an aim to finalize a prototype for advanced lunar concrete manufacturing by the end of 2022.

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