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Updated: Feb 17, 2023


PARK CITY, UTAH, July 29, 2021: Uplift Aerospace, a pioneer of lunar technologies premiering the multiplanetary marketplace, revealed its new Uplift 'Art x Space' Program with the announcement of its first art commission for space travel, slated to launch this fall. The award-winning international artist Amoako Boafo has been selected to create the inaugural Suborbital Triptych, painted on exterior panels of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.

Image 1. Portrait of Amoako Boafo, selected by the Uplift Art x Space Program to create its first work commissioned for space travel. Photographer: Nolis Anderson. Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim.

The Uplift Art x Space Program invites today’s leading artists to push the limits of the next frontier, sharing their vision with collectors, space enthusiasts and culture-lovers throughout the galaxy. Its seminal project, the Suborbital Triptych series, is emblematic of Uplift’s mission to further scientific discoveries and creative experimentation by granting artists access to the most advanced space technologies.

Original voices who possess the innate ability to connect our human experience, like Boafo, are key to navigating humanity’s continuing efforts to explore beyond the bounds of Earth. The young artist from Ghana will join the Uplift team in Texas this fall to paint his original artwork on three removable composite panels, comprising the Suborbital Triptych, designed to attach at the apex of a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket.

“The purpose of the Uplift Art x Space Program is to inspire new ideas and generate dialogue by making space accessible and connected to human experiences,” explained Josh Hanes, the CEO of Uplift Aerospace. “Artists have a unique capacity to evoke fresh perspectives and interpret unfamiliar terrain. The profound strength of Amoako’s portraits for the first Suborbital Triptych will bring another dimension to the power that propels the New Shepard rocket.” The development of the Suborbital Triptych series and the Uplift Art x Space Program is curated for Uplift Aerospace by Magnet Art Group and its founder Jill Clark, with offices in Miami and Berlin.

Image 2. Aerial perspective of a Blue Origin launch of its New Shepard spacecraft, showing the location on the nose of the capsule where the Suborbital Triptych will be attached.

Courtesy of Blue Origin.

Reflecting on the rare opportunity, Boafo commented, “It is an honor to be invited to a project of this latitude. To create a painting that will launch into space is unimaginable, and frankly surreal. I wish one day to experience what my characters will see.” Coordinating Boafo’s work for the project are his representatives at the prestigious Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, with locations in Chicago and Paris (set to open September 2021). Boafo has captivated viewers and collectors around the world with distinctively personal portraits of individuals that inspire him at his studios in Accra and Vienna. His expressive works introduce members of the artist’s community by capturing their inner emotional and energetic range. Boafo’s paintings engage the viewer in an intimate moment with the subjects, their large scale eliciting a visceral response.

Boafo’s Suborbital Triptych also serves the higher aims of Uplift Aerospace, introducing its charitable initiative Uplift For Good. It represents Uplift’s commitment to ensure our forays into the universe result in a net positive impact on Earth. In keeping with Uplift’s mission to preserve the planet beneath our feet as we reach for the stars, Uplift For Good will bring attention and support to charitable organizations aligned with the work of the Uplift Art x Space Program. In conjunction with Boafo’s project, Uplift will make a charitable contribution to nonprofit organizations with a focus on supporting conservation and healthcare for all. Prior to the historic launch, we will announce the artist’s chosen beneficiaries, who will share in the spotlight as anticipation builds and accept Uplift’s donation at a ceremony following the return of the Suborbital Triptych.


An emerging leader in the rapidly transforming space industry, Uplift Aerospace is pioneering revolutionary systems to manufacture, trade, and deliver products for a multiplanetary economy while strengthening humanity’s connection with the universe. Its dynamic fusion of scientific technology, creative innovation, and business strategy reflect the boundless ingenuity and passion for discovery that propel space exploration. Uplift’s core endeavors focus on developing advanced technology for lunar construction; visionary artworks curated to interpret and interact with the cosmos; and the premiere in-space marketplace for rare collections and unique design objects. The Uplift Art x Space Program and philanthropic initiative Uplift for Good are expanding horizons while promoting a sustainable future on Earth.

Amoako Boafo (born 1984 in Accra, Ghana; based in Vienna, Austria) is a highly regarded voice in contemporary art of the African Diaspora, shaping perceptions of Black forms and dispositions in a global context. Boafo studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and in 2017 was recognized with the jury prize of Austria’s prestigious Walter Koschatzky Art-Award. Widely collected and exhibited by public institutions and private collections, his works were recently acquired by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Albertina Museum Vienna, and the Rubell Museum. Featured among emerging leaders in the TIME 100 Next 2021, Boafo is also an ambassador for Dior as the first African to collaborate with the legendary fashion house, the summer 2021 menswear line breaking records for Dior Homme.



For more information and the latest updates, visit and follow @upliftaerospace on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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