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Uplift Aerospace Announces Successful Testing of Lunar Concrete and Begins Next Phase of Research

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Park City, UT - December 1, 2021

Uplift Aerospace, has successfully completed its first phase of research for a lunar concrete with its Luna-crete formulation. During testing, the Luna-crete prototype reached compressive strengths above 10,000 psi, surpassing its target three times over. Results from Uplift's collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee also showed that coarse lunar aggregates achieved better compressive strength than a standard sand aggregate that is common for construction applications on Earth. Uplift is now beginning its next phase of research, testing Luna-crete in both vacuum and extreme temperature conditions to mimic lunar environments.

The lunar concrete was developed utilizing a simulated lunar regolith created at the University of Central Florida's Exolith Labs. The simulated Moon dirt, known as south pole lunar regolith, approximates the mineral composition of the Moon's south pole, allowing Uplift to test and prototype a concrete that closely matches the landing areas targeted by upcoming government and private missions.

In the last several years, private industry and government have modernized and reinvigorated the dream of space travel and colonization with the goal of developing commercial space travel to destinations like the Moon and Mars. As a result, the Moon has become a focal point of interest for NASA and private industry as the logical refueling station for spacecraft prior to extended travel.

During Uplift's discussion with NASA about surface construction on the Moon, Uplift's proposed Luna-crete prototype received positive reception due to its expected resiliency in harsh lunar conditions. NASA's Artemis mission has renewed interest in the Moon, with many expecting lunar outposts in the foreseeable future - if building materials can be proven. Initial commercialization experiments on the Moon are expected as early as within the next two years. As a result, Uplift has positioned itself to be an innovator for this new frontier, creating a whole new economy that can be enjoyed in space and on Earth. Providing viable and durable lunar building materials is the keystone to establishing a lunar presence; thus, enters Uplift Aerospace technology.


Uplift Aerospace is an emerging leader in transforming the space industry, pioneering innovative systems for space commerce, mediums of trade, and delivery of earth/space products. Uplift continues its research and development of lunar mining and processing methods for future manufacturing and supplying of off-planet infrastructure and building materials. Uplift Aerospace is a subsidiary of NRP Stone, a publicly-traded company on the OTC under the symbol NRPI.

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