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Civilian Astronaut Candidate Dr. Ruben Salinas Joins Starborn Academy as Ambassador

Park City, Utah, February 20, 2024 –

Uplift Aerospace (Symbol: NRPI) announced that the company’s civilian astronaut candidate, Dr. Ruben Salinas, joins Uplift’s newly launched virtual reality (VR) Starborn Academy program as an ambassador. Dr. Salinas completed his commercial astronaut training under Uplift Aerospace's community space program in 2023 and is a researcher and advocate for the use of VR in emotional well-being and education.  

Dr. Ruben Salinas during an Uplift Aerospace commercial astronaut training event held at NASA Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Salinas will be joining Uplift Aerospace's virtual reality astronaut training program, the Starborn Academy, as an ambassador.
Image 1. Dr. Ruben Salinas during an Uplift Aerospace commercial astronaut training event held at NASA Kennedy Space Center.

The Starborn Academy, powered by Uplift Aerospace, is a 9-week virtual astronaut training experience. The Starborn Academy will leverage Ruben's extraordinary experiences climbing Mount Everest and upcoming suborbital spaceflight to help ignite a passion for STEM education and environmental conservation while reminding all participants of the importance of dreaming big. Through a series of in-person and virtual engagements, students from selected schools will have the opportunity to meet Ruben and participate in his training journey.

"The Starborn Academy elicits awe and wonder in students while introducing them to new life and career opportunities," said Josh Hanes, CEO of Uplift Aerospace. "By sharing Ruben's journey, from his Mount Everest summit attempt this spring to his upcoming suborbital spaceflight and research on eliciting the overview effect with VR, we aim to foster a curiosity for the unknown and a dedication to overcoming our planet's greatest challenges."

For more information on integrating this innovative virtual reality learning platform into your school district, please contact or visit


Uplift Aerospace (Symbol: NRPI) provides comprehensive space mission solutions, including astronaut training (both in-person and VR), mission design, and access to suborbital and orbital flights.

Over the past two years, Uplift Aerospace has secured agreements with NASA, Blue Origin, Orbital Reef Space Station, University of Arizona, University of Wisconsin, and the University of Central Florida. The ultimate objective of the Company is to run its businesses in order to create shareholder value, while exercising sound corporate governance to ensure the interests of the Company's management and shareholders are completely aligned.

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