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Accepting New School Course Registrations for 2024

Enhance Critical Thinking and Student Performance with a Space-Themed VR STEM Course

Starborn Academy is an immersive virtual reality (VR) learning platform that brings the excitement of astronaut training into STEM education for the classroom. It empowers students to step into the boots of an astronaut and face exciting challenges and missions that incorporate a variety of STEM concepts. 

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STEM Students in VR

Starborn Academy recently attended the Young Space Explorers Expo in Sydney, Australia! Over 80 kids aged 13-18 rated the program demo a 4.2/5.

Starborn Academy's participation in the Young Space Explorers Expo by several news outlets.

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What Students Say

I think it’s a fantastic way to get young kids interested in Space. I really enjoyed the problem solving aspects!

It was an incredible experience of utilizing VR to experience challenges and experiencing to drive a rover.

VR in general is pretty fun, and combined with space exploration and rover control it would be extremely fun.

About Starborn Academy

Imagine a learning tool where Space Science meets Life Science, Mathematics aligns with Engineering, and critical thinking and problem-solving become the vehicle for success. 

  • Empower students with immersive VR learning modules that simulate an astronaut mission, designed to inspire and enhance engagement, performance, and retention in STEM education.

  • Catered to students aged 13+. The platform includes realistic space scenarios, interactive experiments, and lesson plans aligned with international STEM curricular standards.

  • Scalable, with easy integration into existing curricula. Aimed at increasing student performance, engagement, and retention in STEM subjects, while equalising educational opportunities.

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Starborn Academy Trifold Brochure-05.png

What Will Your
Students Learn?

Applied Engineering & Math

Students will apply engineering and mathematics as foundational tools, employing them creatively and analytically across diverse modules to solve complex problems and foster critical thinking.

Life Sciences

Students will explore the intricate web of life, from biology and ecology to health and wellness, fostering a holistic understanding of the biosphere, and showing how we depend on the environment for survival.

Programming & Robotics

Students will apply computational thinking and design robotics solutions to address challenges spanning all nine modules, fostering essential skills in automation and problem-solving.

Sustainability & Resource Use

Students will be empowered to understand and implement sustainable practices, fostering responsible resource use and environmental stewardship across all nine modules.

We Monitor
Program Outcomes

Our commitment to excellence includes continuous assessment of student progress, ensuring a highly effective learning experience.

Enhanced Engagement

Improved Performace

STEM Retention

Foster a STEM-Inclined Generation

Why Starborn for STEM?

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Perks for Top Performers

The highest performing student from our 2024 programs will get to join our in-person astronaut training retreat in 2025. 

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Industry-Based Curriculum

Designed in collaboration with industry experts to ensure real-world relevance and readiness for future STEM careers.

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Immersive VR Narratives

Students will embark on thrilling adventures  in engaging virtual worlds while learning essential STEM concepts.

In 2021 and 2022, Uplift Aerospace trained its first commercial astronaut crew and created a robust VR training environment under our Space+ community, which boasts over 7,000 members. We will be sending the first trainee to space with Blue Origin in 2024.

Global Space Educators

The Starborn Academy curriculum has been developed with leading educators and professionals in aerospace. Our team is comprised of STEM, VR, and gaming experts to increase student engagement, performance, and retention in STEM.

Endorsed by:


Dr. Ruben Salinas

Future astronaut, Explorer, Overview Effect Researcher, Serial MedTech Entrepreneur, Mountaineer, Pilot, Divemaster, EMT/ WEMT


Mike Mongo

Author, public speaker, space educator, and astronaut teacher.

Program Pricing

Starborn Day Experience

Hour Program

$35 USD per student

Starborn Academy Program

9-Week Program

$250 USD per student

Contact us for information about renting headsets and accessibility accommodations.

Starborn Academy Trifold Brochure-03_edi
Starborn Academy Trifold Brochure-05.png

More Information

Contact us today to learn more about our pilot programs and the curriculum we offer for students aged 13-18.

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