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Space News Roundup! Industry Panel hosted by Space+

Updated: Mar 10

To finish off this amazing #SpaceWeek2022, we are hosting a Space News Roundup with aerospace professionals and communicators tomorrow, Oct. 10 @ 8pm EDT. Join the livestream here on Twitter as we speak with Ben Gamble, Britany "Wish" Phillips, ๐Ÿš€ Jasmine "Europa" Singh, Andrew "Titan" Parris, and Mason "Doc" Robbins.

Space+ Mission

Space+ is increasing access and diversity in space as history's first community space program with membership founded on blockchain technology. We are integrating VR, AR, and blockchain technology to increase access to space. Our upcoming Starborn Premium membership provides access to own in-space assets. The first physical in-space assets will be located on the International Space Station as part of our contract with NASA. We will later include assets on commercial space stations and even the Moon!

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