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Uplift Aerospace Welcomes NFT Community Engagement Advisor Caroline Geraghty to Space+ NFT Project

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Park City, Utah, February 1, 2021

Uplift Aerospace has assembled a team of international experts in NFT project creation and online community engagement to aid in the development and launch of their Space+ NFT project, which will connect humanity on Earth with low Earth orbit, the Moon, and beyond both physically and through Web3.

Caroline Geraghty recently joined Uplift as an NFT community engagement advisor. Geraghty is currently the VP of Hey Girl You Can and the Director of Community and Guest Engagement at WOMXN in Business. She has extensive experience in media and event productions and co-produced the first White House event on Clubhouse. Caroline is a key advisor and architect in helping to build the Space+ community prior to the official release of the NFT this spring.

Image 1. Uplift Aerospace Space+ NFT Community Development Advisor Caroline Geraghty. Photo Credit: Caroline Geraghty

Space+ will offer unique NFT tokens that customers can purchase to gain access to community membership, which provide exclusive access to the expanding list of space products and experiences that Uplift offers. Space+ will provide greater access to space through community giveaways and events including sub-orbital space flights, microgravity flights, rocket launch events, and lunar resource missions.


An emerging leader in the rapidly transforming space industry, Uplift Aerospace is pioneering revolutionary systems to manufacture, trade, and deliver products for a multiplanetary economy.

For the latest updates, visit and follow @upliftaerospace on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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